The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Dear Greg,

I am so, so sorry but when I wasn't looking it seems that someone has kidnapped Flat Stanley.

I brought him with us when we came to visit Ben and Donna in Los Angeles and then Grandma and Grandpa in Prescott. Then, I was going to put him in an envelope and send him back to you. However, when I wasn't looking he seems to have disappeared.

I think I caught a glimpse of him struggling to escape from the back window of the Shuttle-U transport van to Phoenix airport but before I could attract the driver's attention to stop, the van had sped away. The last thing I saw was aunt Susie's sinister smile and I heard a maniacal laugh as the van left the parking lot.

I don't know what will become of him - I hope he will be all right and will manage to escape or something. I guess we can only hope for the best.

I did get some good pictures of him when we were in Los Angeles and in Prescott so when I get back to England I will send them to you. I only hope that we can find out what happened to him and that everything will turn out all right in the end.

Love to you all,



I am so sorry that Flat Stanley was kidnapped as we were saying good-bye to Susie when was leaving Prescott. I didn't notice that he had disappeared until just as the Prescott Shuttle was leaving the parking lot. I got this photograph just as the van was pulling away - perhaps it might be of some assistance to the authorities in apprehending the villain responsible.

I don't know whether or not you have received a ransom note from the person (or persons) responsible but I hope you hear some news soon. Let me know if you hear of anything.

I have some more photographs which were taken during our visit to California and Arizona which I will send along in the next day or so.

Love to you all,


And shortly afterwards, this arrived forwarded from Auntie Susie....


Upon learning that Flat Stanley has been kidnapped, I booked a ticket and will be in Portland a week from next Sunday bringing Greggie's 50 favorite bubble gum cards of Nintendo characters for the ransom. Please don't hurt him.



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