The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Hey Greg,

This week I got to go to another country again - it's neat here in Europe where all the countries are pretty close to one another.

It turns out that the next door neighbour's daughter, Nina, was travelling with some friends to Amsterdam in the Netherlands for a few days and they kindly asked me if I would like to come along. So I did.

It was great as you can see from the couple of photos I have attached. The main part of Amsterdam has a bunch of canals - in the centre of the city there are three circles of canals which it is great fun to walk along the side of or to take a trip in one of the boats. Although the weather was a bit chilly, we had lots of sunshine and did spend a bit of time walking around the centre. But, believe me! You sure have to watch out because it seems that everyone else is riding bicycles and you have to be on your toes!

The two photos show you some interesting features about Amsterdam. Firstly, you can see that the houses are all very narrow but quite tall. This is because the land is so scarce in the centre of the city so when they built their houses they built them tall and narrow. Also, most of the buildings along the canals used to be warehouses or factories or something because they used to haul things out of the canal boats and then up into the houses using ropes and pulleys from the very top.

Hope you enjoy these photographs but your Uncle Greg also found a really cool web site you can look at if you want. It is: and it has some 360 degree photos that you can look at and get a feel for the city.

That's all for this week. Who knows where I will get to next time.

Your pal,

Flat Stanley


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