The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Hey Greg,

It's been a busy week on the diplomatic front but, unfortunately, no breakthrough.

Following my visit with Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, and the Pope a couple of weeks ago, Mr Blair asked your uncle Greg if I could go with him to the Azores to meet with President Bush and the Spanish Prime Minister. So, Greg said "yes" and I jetted off to the summit meeting. Unfortunately, I wasn't actually allowed into the negotiations themselves as they were very important but I did get to stand with the others when our photos were taken (as you can see, I am standing in President Bush's pocket). So, while they were talking I was able to go around and about and have a little look at the Azores. So, here are some questions which you can see if you can find the answers to:

(1) Which country do the Azores belong to?
(2) Where are they? (Find them on a map)
(3) What is the highest peak on the islands and how tall is it?
(4) How many people live on the Azores according to the 1991 census?
(5) What's the climate in the Azores like? What is the average minimum and maximum temperatures?

See what you can find out at

Catch you later. Your pal,

Flat Stanley


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