The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Hey Greg,

Sorry I wasn't able to write last weekend but I went with Penny and Greg to visit their friends in Brighton and the weekend was pretty hectic. I have attached a photo which was taken last Sunday on the beach at Brighton. As you can see, the old Brighton Pier is in a pretty sad state. It has been disused for many years but the local people have raised some money to have it restored. However, the restoration process just got a bit harder!

The part of the pier on the right of the picture started to collapse last November when there were some very strong storms and it has collapsed a bit more since. Then, last Wednesday, the part on the left hand side of the picture caught fire! The authorities are sure it was arson since there was no electricity or anything else which could have caused it. If you look very closely at the part on the left, you can see wisps of smoke - four days later it was still smouldering!

That's about it except that your uncle Greg says he has finally had the pictures back from Sally of when I went on the Peace March in London. I will put them in a message next week.

I'll be coming home soon - it will be good to see you again. This next week Greg and Penny say they are going to Los Angeles and then on to see your grandparents in Prescott, Arizona. They say they will put me in an envelope and send me back to you from Prescott. I can hardly wait!

Lots of love.

Your pal,

Flat Stanley


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