Royal Command Variety Show

The Royal Command Variety Show was held on the evening of Saturday 14 August 2010 and was a magnificent success. There were performances from all ages and abilities. You can access video clips of some of the performances below. Apologies for the poor quality of the video, the relatively low volume on some pieces and the fact that several performances were not recorded at all. If you were there, "yes" it really was that awful. If you weren't there you should count your blessings!

Programme of Performances

Ha Ha
Steph & Hope - a Guinness Book of World Records attempt - the Ha Ha Performance.

Greg - a Toast
Greg - a toast to absent Grandchildren, Children, Cousins, Wives & Husbands

Dad's Introductory Remarks
Grandpa - Some introductory remarks

Incy-wincy Spider
Sallie, Rod, Amelie & Ash - A Musical Action Event

Susie's Reading
Susie - A Reading

Ducks in a row
Sarah - Distribution of some Wish Beads and An Unveiling

Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma and Grandpa - A Dialogue

Susie, Emily and Sarah
Emily and Susie (and Sarah) - A Musical Interlude

Sandy - An Entertaining Entertainment

Rob - A Musical Interlude

Carol - A Craftsman's Craft

Greg - A Musical Interlude

Sandy & Pam
Pam - An Adirondack Tale

The Shoe Game
The Rinderkinders - The Shoe Game

The R-I-T-Z
Greg, Penny, Ben and Nick - An Audience Participation Musical Finale

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