The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Hey Greg,

What a week its been! First of all, on Monday afternoon, a contractor working in Banbury, managed to dig through the main gas pipeline which supplies gas to Byfield where Penny and Greg live. So, from then until Thursday night we had no gas. That means, no heating, no hot water, no way to cook dinner except for in the microwave. Gosh! It was freezing! It was so cold that Penny and Greg let me sleep in their bed with them - you can see me in the photograph all tucked up ready to go to sleep.

You can read all about the incident at the local newspaper web site but it will probably only be there for a few days. The web site is at and the incident is described there.

Now here's a little test for you - the pipeline was broken in Banbury and it was the main pipeline feeding all the villages and houses along the way from Banbury to a village just up the road from here called Woodford Halse. I'll bet you can't find out how far that is - from Banbury to Woodford Halse. There are lots of web sites where you can get directions to go from one place to another but one that I like is:

See if you can work it out!

Talk to you again next week.

Your Pal,

Flat Stanley


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