The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Hey Greg!

Happy New Year! You will never guess what I did for New Years!!!

It seems that your uncle Greg has friends who live and work in Paris and they were here visiting friends in England over Christmas but they were going back to Paris in time to celebrate New Year's there so they invited me to come with them. The photos attached are of me in front of the Eiffel Tower and then again on the Champs Elysses in front of the Arc de Triomphe. It was a lot of fun!

I learned lots of things about Paris but I didn't go down in the sewers! I'll bet you can't find out how tall the Eiffel Tower is or when it was built! (

Since Dave and Val (Greg and Penny's friends) weren't coming back to England, after the New Year's celebrations they had to send me back in an envelope. Fortunately, it didn't take the two weeks it did for me to get to England from Hanover.

Hope you had a great New Year too!

Lots of love - your pal,


Flat Stanley:
What a kick in the pants. This becoming flat defiantly has its advantages. We have had the most wonderful two weeks. It has been vacation, so we haven't had to go to school, but throw in Christmas and New Years, we are exhausted. We went skiing with some friends on New Year's Eve, and Dad had set all the clocks ahead a couple of hours and we celebrated at 10:00, Dads plan was partially foiled when he couldn't find the Ball dropping in Times Square, so we turned off the set and enjoyed a little celebration. The next morning Dad had video of the ball dropping, never again to be caught without video of the drop. He is thinking of marketing it as the next best scam since Santa Clause. He also thinking of a little side marketing, like add a ball to chaunica, or celebrate the Chinese New Year with the ball dropping in New York City.
Back to school today, not really looking forward to it, but when I come home, I will be working on Mt Stragmore. We have made a ski run down the driveway, you have to jump over the fence, which is no problem because we have five foot snow banks. After you jump the fence you go over another jump in the back yard, then you can take a side run back to the top of the yard or you can jump over the lower fence and ski in the meadow. We have been packing the run with snow shoes, and if nothing else we did get a lot of exercise and fresh air.
Amanda had an accident at the Skiway on Friday. She had sharpened her edges, the night before and I guess she did too good a job. She tested the sharpness on her lower lip, apparently one of those sharp edges caught and she went down in a spray of blood. She even got a free ride down the hill in a sled with the ski patrol.
They sewed her up and she is back at it.
Keep having fun...... Greg


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