The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley arrived on Friday 6 December 2002. As it happens, this was a fortunate coincidence....

Hey Greg!

Whew! I have finally arrived at your uncle Greg and aunt Penny's house in England. What a trip! It was a great idea to put me in that envelope and mail me to England rather than buying me an airplane ticket but boy it was a long time to be stuck in that envelope - two weeks! Still, fortunately your uncle opened the envelope very carefully and I wasn't hurt at all.

This was a great day to arrive because when Greg got home from work and opened the mail to find me, he told me that we were going out to dinner - not just because I had arrived from America but because Penny's company, SeamStress, was celebrating their annual sales figures. I guess you probably know that she makes play parachutes for games and things. I learned a lot about the business - you can too if you go to her web site at

Well, we went out to dinner at a pub which also has a small restaurant in a village about eight miles away from here called Sulgrave. The pub was called the Star Inn and it was very nice and the people were really friendly, particularly when they learned I had come from America and had only just arrived that day.

As it happens, Sulgrave is the ancestral home of George Washington! Yep! I'm not kidding you. It used to be the Washington family home for many, many years and then, after the English Civil War in the 1640s George Washington's great-grandfather (I think) went to America. Anyway, you can find out more about it if you want to at

You know what else I found out? As you know, now there are 50 stars on the flag but in the first place there were only 13, for the original 13 colonies. Well, they decided to use the star because it features in the Washington family crest! You will have noticed that the name of the pub we went to was called the Star!

I have attached some photographs so you can see how much fun I had. The first one is of me at the pub. Greg bought me a pint of local ale which, as you can see, I have just started to taste. The second photo is of me reading the menu - the meal was great! I had Salmon Rilette followed by sirloin of venison which was raised on the Queen's estate at Balmoral. Then, for pudding (they say pudding here instead of dessert) I had a hot chocolate fudge brownie with ice cream. It was delicious!

The third photo is of me at the end of the evening. I was really tired (and I probably had a bit too much English ale to drink) so I had a little nap while Greg and Penny and the rest were finishing their meal. It was a terrific night!

Today, Saturday, we have another treat! Apparently we are going up to London to visit the National Portrait Gallery and then to another meal out and then finally to a play.

Oh, I almost forgot. Your uncle Greg has set me up with my own e-mail account so you can e-mail me if you have the time - I would love to hear from you. After all, I haven't seen you for about two weeks! The e-mail address is

Well, I guess that's about it for today. I will try and write again and tell you all about my trip to London.

Your pal,

Flat Stanley


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